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"We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong - the amount of work is the same"  Carlos Castaneda

What does the word Shodan mean?

Definition of Shodan = Sho means first, new or beginning and Dan (pronounced ‘don’) refers to a black belt rank.

Shodan Personal Development is a system that uses principles of the martial art of aikido to help enhance aspects of everyday life in or out of the dojo

A Shodan rank in Martial Arts is a symbol of hard work and a commitment to the process of approaching goals one step at a time, discovery about oneself, and dedication towards long-term achievement. Many people associate a black belt rank as highly advanced which is only partly true…The Shodan rank represents more accurately an honest, solidified pursuit towards continual progress - not just a beginning.

The principles of non-resistance and conflict resolution are universal and can therefore be practiced in any setting. We have two main programs for our clients to explore:

Zanshin Aikido School:

This program is centered around practical self-defense and traditional martial arts training regardless of backgrounds or ability leves. Aikido is about learning to deal with any force in life that may be coming at you with harmful intent, then redirecting that energy to create a beneficial outcome. REAL life presents REAL challenges. We provide instruction for those situations. 


Katana Fitness Training:

This is a curriculum based on whole body fitness pursuits at any level. We specialize in applying foundational, functional and pragmatic aspects of fitness in a gym, dojo or corporate setting. Private and group instruction is available and we specialize in enhancing on-site office health / fitness programs that are looking for fresh unique approaches to workplace wellness.